When Bad Work Hurts Good News

When Bad Work Hurts Good News

This is the second installment in our SyncUP ON THE JOB discussion on work as worship…

One of the first things that convicted me when I began exploring the principle of work as worship was the importance of working with excellence.
Today,  the topic of discussion is what impact the quality of our work has on our worship at work?
Check out the video below and share your thoughts.

Sync a little deeper…

As a Christian, how is working with excellence more than just about your personal reputation?

Have you witnessed (or committed) bad work that made sharing the good news of Christ difficult? What happened?

What impression do people get when Christians don’t work with excellence?

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One thought on “When Bad Work Hurts Good News

  1. Funny video, but illustrates a point; As Christians, we are to exhibit a work ethic that brings glory to the Lord. It goes back to last week’s discussion of our workplace being our place of worship and the venue where we reflect God’s character. When Jesus was on His mission to save humanity, He executed every task to completion and its fullest; and we are to do the same in the mission God calls us to.

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