RENEW: “Body Betrayal”

RENEW: “Body Betrayal”

Sync a little deeper…

What strikes you most deeply about the life of the Woman with the Issue of Blood?

What is usually your immediate response to headaches, colds, illness?

Why is it hard in our society to go to Jesus first for body renewal?

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3 thoughts on “RENEW: “Body Betrayal”

  1. My immediate response to headaches and colds is to endure the pain because I don’t want to take medication. After listening to this session, I realize that I am not depending on faith in Christ to heal me but determining what is it that Jesus can heal me from and attempting to heal myself.

    Sometimes not to heal but to renew my body to endure my illness. Faith is the best medicine I go to last

  2. This message is perfect timing.

    What strikes me the most about her was her thinking that touching of the robe would help her.

    My usually response is to sleep it off.

    We don’t keep God in the forefront and he is not ‘tangible’ so it’s easy to rely on other people and methods before realizing he is the way.

  3. What strikes me most deeply about the life of the Woman is she was alone. Probably no friends or family came around. Not be able to go to church or just everyday contact with people. I like how she never gave up from wanting to be healed. She found the righteous doctor for healing.

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