DANGER: Captivating Trends Ahead

DANGER: Captivating Trends Ahead

What was I thinking???!!! That was my response to throw-back-Thursday picture of myself that a “frienemy” recently posted online. What was I wearing?  Oh, just pink and purple tie dye overall shorts and white hi top sneakers. Undoubtedly, within minutes of the picture being taken, I conspicuously disconnected one of the shoulder straps to achieve the signature Kriss Kross look I loved so much at the time. Here’s a few interesting facts. I never liked pink or purple.  I was always uncomfortable in shorts.  And I didn’t care for the pain of having disconnected, metal overall buckles hit me in the leg, chest, and face. So why did I wear this ridiculous outfit? It was the trend.

I suppose we all have a chuckle looking at the silly clothes and dopey haircuts that we self-imposed due to a passing trend.  But there are some trends that aren’t so humorous, like trends in human philosophies, way of thinking and living. Trends can easily turn into movements and take you somewhere you never intended to go. Take feminism, for example. I used to consider myself a feminist and ascribed to many related philosophies.


Before I go further, let me clarify a few things. Yes, I do believe men and women are equal in value and capability.  So does Jesus.  Yes, I do believe men and women should receive equal pay for the same work.  So does Jesus.  Yes, I do believe men and women should have the same personal liberties such as land ownership, voting, and testifying in court. So does Jesus. These beliefs don’t make me a feminist. They make me a Christian.


So as I was saying, I used to be a feminist.  But there were some trends in the philosophies of feminism that I just couldn’t accept anymore, like sexual freedom. The philosophy is that women should be able to have sex as much as they want, with as many men as they want without a social stigma…just like men. When this was first presented to me, it made sense. I was familiar with the double-standard in human sexuality even at the ripe age of 10 years old.  The old philosophy was that women that “got around” were treated as whores and men that did the same things were patted on the back. The injustice and hypocrisy of this was emphasized in every article I read and every discussion I had on the new philosophy sexual freedom.

I believed this trendy philosophy up until my twenties, when I began to seek God for His truth of the subject. I learned that the philosophy was right with regard to the injustice of the double-standard. But the problem was the solution. First of all, it promotes sexual immorality. This means engaging in sex outside of God’s awesome design for it. But even sexual immorality aside, the philosophy is illogical. Centuries under the old philosophy applauded the sexual promiscuity of men although it left an aftermath of social destruction for the women they had sex with and destitution for the innocent unclaimed children. So the new philosophy says let’s fix that with more applauded sexual promiscuity?? That simply doesn’t make sense.

Can I be honest? If it wasn’t for encountering Christ in my twenties, I probably would have put this illogical philosophy into practice. I know some very brilliant women that did. You know what? The philosophy of sexual freedom has left the very opposite of free. From their own admission, they feel shackled to shame and bonded to regret. Some freedom.

But that’s the tricky thing about building our life on the shifting foundation of human philosophy trends. They always seem good at first but in a little time we see they are just full of empty deceit.

Colossians 2:6-8 reads:

Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.

See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.

Nothing’s changed.  Trendy human philosophies were alive in well in ancient Colossae just as they are today. And the loving advisory from God hasn’t change either. Don’t be a captive to the trends.  But how? How do we protect our hearts and minds from becoming captive to teachings that have the hint of truth, catchy phrases, and a great social media presence? We must already be captive to something else…Someone else. God tells us receive Christ and be rooted, built up, established, educated, and thankful in Him. Being captive in Christ carries the promise of a life that is secure, life-giving, and joyful; all the characteristics of Him. This way, when the streams of changing human trends shift, we don’t get caught up and drown in the current.

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What trends in human philosophies have you been captivated by? What do these trends promise and do they deliver eternal fulfillment? What gets in the way of your life being captive in Christ?

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