Jesus Girls: “Girl Caught in the Act”

Jesus Girls: “Girl Caught in the Act”

Sync a little deeper…

What strikes you most about the woman caught in the act?

How have people tried to use your sin to discredit Christ?

What does this week’s Words for Syncing mean to you?

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One thought on “Jesus Girls: “Girl Caught in the Act”

  1. Thank you for sharing the story of “The Woman Caught In the Act”, Natasha. Jesus’ response to the woman who sinned is a reminder of His ever-loving grace. Jesus has the right to condemn us as He knows we constantly all, but this story reminds us all that Jesus never leaves us and we always have the invitation to change our lives around to walk as He called us to walk.

    This week’s words for synching is a reminder that the Lord is ALWAYS with us, even when we fall. This is a beautiful reminder knowing the many chances I have to reconnect with Him when I go astray.

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