RENEW: “Life Change”

RENEW: “Life Change”

Sync a little deeper…

What was the most impactful takeaway from today’s testimony?

How would God describe your relationship with Him, “local” or “long distance”?

What brokenness and bitterness do you need God to renew is your life today?

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2 thoughts on “RENEW: “Life Change”

  1. Wow, what a powerful testimony! Monique, thank you for sharing, you did an excellent job!

    What I took away from the testimony is how drawing close to God and seeking an authentic relationship with Him can change our total perspective in life; regardless of how difficult our life circumstances in this world can be. If I’m honest, there is some hurt in my life that I think is difficult to restore. But this perspective is limiting to God’s power and might. As Monique shared in her testimony, broken relationships and hurt can be restored in HIS time, not ours. I have to trust that I will rise above my current and past pains as I genuinely seek a closer relationship with God and walk as He has called us to walk.

    Natasha, I loved how you incorporated a personal testimony into the series. I think having at least one testimony each series would provide excellent color. And thank you for this series!


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