Marketplace Missionary

Marketplace Missionary

This is the third installment in our SyncUP ON THE JOB discussion on work as worship…

Whenever I would hear the word missionary it used to conjure images of villages in remote jungles, well digging, and thatched roof houses. After attending the Work as Worship Conference a few years ago, I began to realize although this is a common picture of missionary life, it isn’t the only one.

Today,  the topic of discussion is what does it look like to be a missionary in the marketplace?
Check out the video below and share your thoughts.

Sync a little deeper…

Before viewing this video, what was your impression of the word “missionary”?

How has this video changed that impression?

Would you describe yourself as a “marketplace missionary”? Why or why not?

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One thought on “Marketplace Missionary

  1. Definitely see myself as a Marketplace missionary. Scripture says that I am to work as if working for the the Lord in all that I do — and this is also worshipping the Lord

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