RENEW: “A Right Mind”

RENEW: “A Right Mind”

Sync a little deeper…

How would you define having a “right mind”?

In what specific ways has Jesus renewed you mind?

Are you sharing the goodness of what Jesus has done for you like the man delivered from demon-possession?

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4 thoughts on “RENEW: “A Right Mind”

  1. There are times I battled with ill thoughts, like self doubt, judgement of others etc. God has released me from the cycles and gave me the tools to battle these thoughts when they creep back in.

    I definitely have and will continue to share the goodness of God. He has helped me with my insanity by definition standards.

  2. I view a right mind as a mind that is at peace knowing and trusting in God’s goodness. I also think a right mind is one focused on living as a disciple of Christ and seeking Him when we find ourselves troubled or tempted.

    You are absolutely right, Natasha. It is amazing what can be done and how God can be glorified when our mind is renewed. The beauty of this is that we are always given a chance to have our minds renewed.

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