The Third After Thought

The Third After Thought

Ahhh…summer. There’s no season that brings back more nostalgic memories of my childhood in Philadelphia. Three months of cookouts, Mister Softee (Google it), and double-dutch…it doesn’t get better than that! But the ultimate, most enjoyable part of my summers were without a doubt, block parties. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, a block party is when an entire street (block) in a neighborhood is turned into a party. People park cars at both ends of the street to stop traffic. Every stoop is full of talking women braiding hair. 20 grills are all smoking simultaneously with the most delectable of meats. A game of roughhouse or 21 is in play on handmade basketball courts (a bottomless milk crate nailed to a light pole). And 50 kids are playing in a fire hydrant that was “inexplicably” turned on somehow.

It was a beautiful scene…but that’s not what I loved most about it.

What made me teem with excitement at the prospect of a block party was the music and the inevitable dance-off. If you wanted to participate and didn’t want to look completely foolish, you needed to come to the block party with a routine to a particular group of songs. That way, when the song came on the radio, you (and your dance crew) would be ready. For me, and most of my female peers growing ups in the late 80’s, there was one female music team that was always in our repertoire…Salt-n-Pepa.

Setting aside the nature of their lyrical content and the question of why an eight-year old girl, such as myself, knew their songs by heart, the fact is that they were pioneers of Hip Hop sound, dance, fashion, and culture. And their music was great for dancing. But wait…aren’t we missing someone? That’s right…Spinderella. She was the DJ. It was her sound that carried the Salt-n-Pepa lyrics and rhythm into the minds, arms, legs, and hips of every dance enthusiast. She had a very important role. So why do I always forget about her?

As I was contemplating this, I was reminded of the Holy Spirit. WAIT! Don’t stop reading. I am NOT putting Spinderella on par with the Holy Spirit. What I am trying to convey is that sometimes the way my mind processes the Holy Spirit is similar to the way it processes Spinderella. In the Christian faith, we learn from the Bible that God is a three-part community in and of Himself, a Trinity. The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity. I know this and, by faith, I believe it in my heart. But a funny thing happens in my mind. When I think of God, when I pray to God, when I speak of God, I almost always default to God the Father and God the Son (Jesus Christ). It’s not that I completely forget about the Holy Spirit but He’s often (too often) an after-thought in my contemplations about God. It’s like sometimes my mind just automatically dissects the Trinity into a Duet and a Soloist. But why?

Well, I don’t know about anyone else but I would say a big part of why this happens is that I have not been educated as much about the Holy Spirit. Prior to being a Christian, I had only heard of people “catching” the Holy Spirit which, to be honest but not insulting, was unsettling to me when I witnessed it. When I became a Christian in my twenties, the focus was always (and it should be) on Jesus, the Son of God the Father, being Lord and Savior. I am not blaming anyone for my ignorance back then. I had a Bible. I could read. And I have read and learned a lot about the Holy Spirit since then. I am just pointing out that my first education about God did not include the Spirit with the same breadth and depth of the Father and Son…it came after. And to this day, sometimes my mind follows the same after-thought sequencing. It’s improved over the years but it still needs work.

So here’s the plan. For the next couple of weeks, the Monday SyncUP articles and the Weekly SyncUP Devotional Guides are going to be all about the Holy Spirit. Here’s an outline of each weekly theme:

  • Week of July 11th – “The Third Person” – Who is The Holy Spirit
  • Week of July 18th – “Person Inside of Me”- The Church’s Relationship with the Holy Spirit
  • Week of July 25th – “The Messenger” – The Holy Spirit’s Worldwide Mission (and Our’s)

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3 thoughts on “The Third After Thought

  1. This was a great devotion and explanation of how we sometime see the Holy Spirit. I too find myself doing this and have to check myself. I also love the flash back I got from the old school block parties!!! Such happy memories! Thanks for the visual!

  2. I wanted to share with you what I believe the Holy Spirit put on my heart after reading “The Third After Thought” late Monday. Turning in Monday night going into Tuesday morning I was restless and could not sleep. When I read the “The Third After Thought” I could relate and connect with everything being told in the story. The one thing that I remember that stuck out to me for some unusual reason was Salt-N-Pepa. I can remember listening to Salt-N-Pepa the female rap group, both rappers individually different with their rhyming and then you had Spinderella who worked the turn tables very well. Three talented sisters each different and functioned different but worked collectively together in a female group that brought many of us to our feet. All three females worked in unity because all three needed each other to perform together. As, I mentioned earlier, I could not sleep Monday night going into Tuesday morning and became restless. I started thinking about the “Trinity” God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. Three different persons, each function differently but all three work together in unity. I began my ” SyncUp” devotion on Tuesday and read one of the scriptures Matthew 28 :19 that displays the “Trinity.” I believe my restlessness Monday night going into the wee hours of Tuesday morning is the Holy Spirit of God getting my attention. I remember the emphasis being more on God the Father and God the Son. I am not dismissing the Holy Spirit. I am reminded by the Holy Spirit of God that the third person of the ” Trinity” is important. I celebrate and praise God for His Holy Spirit!

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