What is SyncUP?

What is SyncUP?

A few months ago I purchased a FitBit for me and my mother as a birthday present.  She had been working on her goal of getting 10,000 steps a day as part of her fitness commitment.  I thought having matching FitBits and the option to easily share one another’s progress would be a great way to encourage her on her fitness journey (and it wouldn’t be so bad for me either).

One of the first things I had to do in order to begin using the device was download an app on my phone.  From this app I could see a dashboard of information including my steps, flights of stairs climbed, heart rate, and calories burned.  It even displayed how many minutes of physical activity I accumulate on a daily basis. Complete visibility into all my vital fitness stats at the touch of a button…phenomenal!

As the days and weeks progressed, and I became more familiar with the device and app, I noticed an interesting pattern.  Whenever, I accessed the app to view the dashboard I noticed a tiny arrow circling in a loop, and next to that arrow would read the word “Syncing”. Once the arrow stopped looping the word would disappear and my fitness stats would update on the dashboard.  The sync took a few moments but it was necessary because the reality was that the app was not the source of my vital stats, it was just the display.  The source was the FitBit on my wrist. It was the FitBit that was calculating my every move, every calorie burned, even every beat of my heart.  But if the app wanted to accurately reflect the vital information that the FitBit contained about me, it had to take the time to align, it needed time to sync.

As I reflected on this recurring process, I found myself drawing parallels amid the relationship between this device and the app and my relationship with God. On a much higher level, God has vital statistics about me and my life.  He knows not only every beat of my heart, but the condition of the organs my heart is supporting and when the last beat is scheduled to occur.  He knows exactly what’s going to happen to me in the next five minutes and in the next five years.  He knows my spiritual fitness level, what parts of my character need further development and what’s at risk if these changes do not occur.  He knows what my next career move will be and what temptation will threaten to get me off track. He knows what fears are paralyzing me and what desires are leading me to move too fast.  He knows me much better than I know myself.  He is the ultimate FitBit because not only does He knows my current status, He has the power to change it for the better.  So what does that make me?  I’m the app.  I am supposed to display not only the reality of my present status in Him but also reflect the changes and new directions He continuously is calling for in my life.  But to reflect Him properly and accurately requires one thing on my part; I must take time to “sync” with Him.

It is important to understand that syncing with God is a one way transfer.  In other words, we are not collaborating or compromising or having a meeting of the minds.  Remember, He is the single source of truth on my vital stats.  I must align to Him, not the other way around.  This sync only goes one way…I must Sync UP.

But what does this really look like?  How do I know I am syncing up with God?  Do I need every detail of my life to sync?  How do I go about it?  Why does it matter?  These are all good questions that I hope you are asking yourself because that is what I will be demonstrating via this new blog titled, “SyncUP”. 

This blog does not offer a prescription but rather a premiere of what my times with God are like, what He tells me, what I learn, how I sync with Him. I learned how to have personal SyncUP time with God by the examples put forth by others.  Your SyncUPs may not be exactly like my SyncUPs…and that’s just fine.  My only hope is that this blog will provide some building blocks to help you enjoy rich, fulfilling, genuine, and life changing time with God.

The SyncUP Blog publishes every Monday.  The articles will always conclude with a link to download the weekly SyncUp Guide. This guide provides daily outlines on scripture reading, reflection questions, life application steps, and prayers to help you have your own daily SyncUps with God for the rest of the week.

So let’s begin…it’s time to SyncUP!

Next Steps

Now that you have finished reading it’s time to SyncUP with God.  Start by downloading this week’s “SyncUP Guide” below. It provides 5 daily guides on scripture reading, reflection questions, life application steps, and prayers to help you have your own daily SyncUps with God for the rest of the week. DON’T FREAK OUT…if doing all 5 this week is overwhelming, set a goal of 2 or 3 and work your way up from there. Enjoy and God Bless!

Download Weekly SyncUP Guide

Here’s a great sermon by Pastor Francis Chan about spending time with God.

Watch Sermon

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