Work as Worship

Work as Worship

About three years ago I attended a conference called Work as Worship. It was probably one of the most impactful weekends of my life. It altered the way I thought about my work and how it connected to my faith.  Ultimately, the experience helped to inspire the SyncUP On The Job blog series you are reading right now.

The entire conference was founded on the principle that our work; all the tasks, responsibilities, conference calls, annual goals, reports, projects, and power points; from the mundane activities we do to the exciting new creations we make, all of it is an act of worship.

But is this practical for real work life? What does it look like? Does it mean opening my conference calls in a word of prayer? What does it really mean to pursue my work as worship?
We will be exploring this through a series of videos and discussions over the next few weeks. I invite you to please participate by reviewing the questions below and posting a comment.
So let’s get started…

Today, the topic of discussion is what does it mean to engage works as worship?
Check out the video below and share your thoughts.

Sync a little deeper…

Have you ever heard a sermon in church about work as worship?  Why do you think it’s rare?

What makes you uncomfortable about the principle of work as worship?

Take an honest look at your career and work life. Who or what has been the focus of your “work worship”?

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5 thoughts on “Work as Worship

    1. I totally agree, Monica. To be honest, I get a little frustrated with myself when I lose sight of this, particularly at work. There have been times when I have become “intoxicated” on the corporate kool-aid and have lost sight of my ultimate purpose for being there.

  1. Loved this video! I see my work different than when I was younger and in the world. Especially now as I’m re-entering the corporate world. I have a straight up different perspective. I share my faith more, I’m more respectful, more loving to others and encouraging. I am happier than I’ve ever been in a job. I smile a lot too! Genuinely!

  2. I am glad for this study. I have always been taught to Ministry in Excellence at church and work. This is a reminder for me to step up my game.

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