Work Life Re-balance

Work Life Re-balance

This is the fourth and final installment in our SyncUP ON THE JOB discussion on work as worship…

Even before I graduated college and entered the workforce I heard about the importance of achieving a work-life balance. Hundreds of books have been written about it, countless talk shows have discussed it, and companies tout their commitment to it in effort to recruit high performing talent. Yet, putting the concept in to practice seems to be as elusive as catching bigfoot on video.

Today,  the topic of discussion is what does it look like to view and approach work-life balance as an act of worship?
Check out the video below and share your thoughts.

Sync a little deeper…

How can work-life balance be an act of worship?

What are your thoughts about approaching work-life balance as a habitual practice of “re-balancing”?

What’s one thing you can do immediately to help you “re-balance”?

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